About Us


We're a small indie record company, distribution label and music production company. Co-Founded in 2002 by Hulon E. Crayton II (Lonnie Crayton) and associate partners, our production staff and/or company has jointly ventured, produced and/or co-released a number of albums under major and indie distribution as well as providing music production services for artists, film, television and commercials. Over the years our genres have included Metal, Punk, Jazz, Pop, Alternative, Reggaeton, Country, and Hip Hop and Rap.

Mission Statement:

It is easy to get overlooked as an artist under a large company infrastructure. PMG is a small family-oriented company, where artists can build a great relationship with their A&R representatives.


CD/DVD Distribution:

We offer three types of deals, Standard US Distribution, Standard International Distribution and P&D deals for established and unestablished acts. Stores include large retail chains, traditional "mom and pop" stores and online distribution.

Music Production:

Our production team has worked with many top industry professionals, including Jeff Kashiwa (of the legendary group the Rippingtons), Quincy Jones, etc. For rates, contact us. We have studios in New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans.

Music Video Production:

All artists need to stand apart and creating a solid music video is one way to separate yourself from the pack. If you are looking to get your music video done, but are low on budget, our staff has the ability to get what you need for less.

Misc. Development:

We develop visual EPKs, CD and DVD duplication and replication (100-1,000,000+ units).

New Media:

In this day-and-age, it is becoming more increasingly difficult to reach your buyers. We have recently initiated phone advertising, streaming media and radio advertising and placement to reach people at the source.

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